Mitochondrial health is the future of medicine.

The Secret to Fueling a Life Time of Good Health.


Mitochondria dysfunction is associated
with over 300 adverse health conditions.

Chapter 1

The Mighty

Chapter 2

Are Your Biggest Health Concerns Linked To Mitochondrial Damage?

Chapter 3

Mitochondria and Feeling Your Best During Everyday Living

Chapter 4

Strengthen The Mito-
chondria, Heal Your Heart

Chapter 5

Your Mood, Your Memory, and Your Mitochondria

Chapter 6

The Mitochondria and Autoimmunity

Chapter 7

Recharging Your Mitochondria’s Batteries

The Mighty Mitochondria.

Scientists are finding that virtually every health condition—likely including the ones you’re suffering from now—are caused or worsened by one factor. What is that factor? The inability of tiny cellular powerhouses called mitochondria to work properly.

Amazing Mitochondrial Facts.

•Mitochondria are responsible for 90 to 95 % of free radicals in our cells.
•The free radicals, like exhaust, can disrupt a healthy mitochondria performance.
•Mitochondria are exposed to 10 times more free radicals than the rest of the cell.

More Facts.

•By the age of 30 and beyond, mitochondria energy production drops by 10% per decade.
•With decreased energy production, cellular function can become impacted leading to common signs and symptoms of aging; skin changes, healing rates, overall resilience, organ function, etc.

What People are Saying

about MitoLongevity!

The valuable advice you’ll receive in this text is factual, safe, and ready for use. I applaud Chris for his ability to reduce the complex concepts of mitochondrial health into a framework of simplicity and clarity that’s unmatched. This book is an asset for all of us – practitioners and lay readers alike. It’s about time such a resource exists. I invite you to read, apply, and enjoy optimal health.

Dr. Geo Espinosa


“Our very existence is not sustainable without sufficient mitochondrial energy production. The discovery of the century was made when MitoQ was discovered, now over 50 million dollars of research and over 350 peer review articles have clearly demonstrated the health impact that MitoQ will have for the generations to come. For the first time ever, you can deliver vital antioxidant capacity back to the mitochondria and improve their function. The research and evidence are unparalleled and profound.”

Greg Macpherson Pharmacist


“Chris Meletis is an educator, a visionary and a wise guide, lighting a path towards effectively treating the mitochondria, in this book he clearly explains practical methods to maintaining optimal health and wellness and provides step by step protocols and treatment plans towards longevity and optimal mitochondria function”

Greg Arabatzis

US President MitoQ

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